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About Virgin Vinyl Fence Material

Virgin vs. Recycled Vinyl Fencing

There are two different types of vinyl fencing: Virgin Vinyl and Recycled Vinyl. The two of them have very similar qualities and some very subtle differences. Knowing the difference in quality and endurance, will guarantee you years of satisfaction.
Vinyl fencing is a very beautiful fence that forms into a durable plastic material. Over the past few years, vinyl fencing has become very popular, and currently commands almost half of the fencing projects! The reason is its low maintenance and typical lifetime warranty. Together with its beauty and ease of construction, it has quickly become a favorite of consumers and contractors alike. Vinyl fencing is commonly purchased for the following types of construction:


  • vinyl privacy fencing
  • semi privacy fencing
  • vinyl picket fencing
  • vinyl porch railings
  • vinyl railing for steps
  • vinyl swimming pool code fence

    Virgin Vinyl

    Virgin vinyl fencing is polypropylene (PVC.), nylon, polythene and is the most common vinyl product in use by professional fence contractors. This vinyl fence is extruded from a virgin resin into a plastic profile of fence panels or bundles of material ready to be made into fence panels.

    Recycled Vinyl

    Have you ever heard the adage, you always get what you paid for? The next time you’re driving around and see fencing with mold and mildew, discolored, or turning black, you guessed it, recycled vinyl. This fencing is usually sold at big box stores or discount outlets. Why? It’s all about price points and profit.

    Recycled Vinyl is just that, chopped up reheated and reformed. The usual counties of origins are, somewhere in China or low grade manufacturers in the U.S… Recycled vinyl colors are usually not true and lose their luster in a few short years. Impurities in the recaptured materials seriously affect the finished product and it’s resistance to UV penetration.


    At Wholesale Fence only Virgin Vinyl is used and only commercial grade thickness goes into every vinyl fence we sell.