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Limited Lifetime Fence Warranty



Wholesale Fence and Railings LLC wholesales vinyl fence products with quality raw materials from state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to provide years of low maintenance. We warrant that the vinyl fence and rail products are free from defects in material and manufacturing workmanship.

When installed to our specifications and under normal proper use, our products will not peel, rot, pit, blister, rust, flake, corrode, warp, crack, split, or be consumed by insects. If any defect or degradation as described above is discovered, Wholesale Fence & Railings LLC, at its option, will repair, replace, or refund the purchase price of the defective material (including reasonable vinyl material quantities necessary to remedy the covered defect) except where damage is caused by improper installation.

Wholesale Fence & Railings LLC shall not be liable or responsible for labor expense or other expenses pertaining to the removal, replacement, or installation of either the original or replacement material. Any costs or expenses beyond this limited warranty as described in this warranty agreement shall be the owner’s responsibility. This lifetime coverage remains in effect for the lifetime of the original purchaser, until the sale of the property where the product is installed, or until the death of the original purchaser, whichever occurs first.

Wholesale Fence & Railings LLC, limits this warranty to 30 years in the event that the vinyl product is installed for commercial use. The lifetime warranty is intended to cover the individual homeowners only. Should corporations, partnerships, government agencies, trusts, organizations, condominiums or cooperative housing arrangements purchase the product, the warranty period is limited to 30 years from the date of purchase.

Your Fence or Railing purchase is automatically registered and warranted upon purchase.   


This warranty covers defects in material and/or manufacturing. It does not cover failure of or damage to such products resulting from improper installation; settlement or failure of any structure on which the product (s) is installed; settlement or soil movement; misuse; impact of foreign objects; painted, varnished or coated vinyl; intentional or neglectful acts of damage; fire, wind, flood, hail, lightning or other acts of God; improper care or failure to provide reasonable or necessary repair of the product; normal and expected weathering of the surface*, chalking, mildew; exposure to harmful chemicals or metal oxides, vapors or acid rain and surface discoloration due to atmospheric pollution.

* NOTE: Normal weathering is defined as exposure to ultraviolet light and extremes of weather and atmosphere which will cause any colored surface to experience changes including but not limited to chalking, fading, or accumulating dirt or stains. Degrees of weathering vary depending on geographical location, air pollution, and other factors. Weathering and color-hold stains are established in ASTM Specifications F964-94 


If you have evidence that your fence or rail is not free from manufacturing defects or degradation as described in Section A, you must notify the manufacturer in writing within thirty (30) days following the discovery of the damage or alleged defect. 


Important: ALL Claims under this warranty must be reported in writing to Wholesale Fence & Railings LLC within thirty (30) days of the date the defect is first discovered or reasonably could have been discovered.

Wholesale Fence & Railings LLC must have reasonable opportunity to inspect the product in question before repairs are begun. If the product is deemed to be defective by Wholesale Fence & Railings LLC, we will repair, replace, or refund, at its option, the defective part in accordance with the terms and conditions contained in Sections A, B and C.

Wholesale Fence & Railings LLC reserves the right to discontinue or modify its products without notice. Furthermore, Wholesale Fence & Railings shall not be held liable for changes to its products or its offerings, nor shall we be liable for differences in color of gloss of replacement material in comparison to the original product according to the standards established for weathering. In the event that a claim is made for discontinued of modified product, Wholesale Fence & Railings LLC will, at its option, supply vinyl fence or rail material of equivalent quality and value or refund the purchase price of the warranted product (s).

In the event of repair or replacement under the terms of this warranty, the original warranty shall apply to the repaired or replaced fence or rail and will extend for the balance of the warranty period in effect at the time the material proved defective.

This warranty replaces all other oral or written warranties, liabilities or obligations. Wholesale Fence and Railings LLC makes no express warranties except as herein stated and shall not be liable for any incidental, special or consequential damages with respect to its products and accessories covered by this warranty, the extent of its liability and the owner’s exclusive remedy being limited to repair, replacement, or refund, at Wholesale Fence & Railings LLC option, as set forth herein. Some states do not allow the limitation on or the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, so the above exclusions may not apply.